David C. Young, P.E.

Engineering Consultant

Facility Inspection
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Material Testing

Material Testing:

Inspection and testing of construction materials to insure compliance with purchasing specifications and industry standards

One of the most important options available to utilities when purchasing construction materials is quality. A significant cause of outages to utility customers is material failure due to poor quality. To insure material quality, the purchasing specifications must detail the performance characteristics of the material and the utility must perform periodic testing to check that performance. Just because a manufacturer made samples in full compliance with a purchasing specification or they promise to meet the purchasing specification, doesn’t mean that they will do so on every shipment. Over the past twenty-three years, Mr. Young has investigated hundreds of material failures that were caused by manufacturing errors. One of the ways utilities can insure quality is through periodic inspection and testing. The following is a list of some of the testing Mr. Young has performed over the past twenty-three years. In each case, Mr. Young developed the test protocol; in some cases designed the test equipment, purchased, constructed or directed the construction of the test facility, directed the testing and developed the test report.

Construction material failure analysis

The following are some of the steps Mr. Young may take in construction material failure analysis: